RMDC Digital Marketing

E-Mail Newsletter Marketing

Our email marketing services are focused on curating content from your blog or website and using these assets as the talking point of the email campaigns. We create structured email templates that can move and refine your leads down the buyer's journey.

  • Email Marketing

    We can set up templates for newsletters and individual emails and create a structured design and process for your email marketing campaigns -- from the placement of call-to-action buttons to distributing helpful content.

  • Customer Scoring & Nurturing

    Part of our email marketing strategy is to monitor and nurture the potential customers we capture through various channels. We will put in place a customer scoring system that will allow us to determine which customers can be closed and what type of service or product they may be interested in from your catalog.

  • Marketing Automation

    We can create a working automated email marketing system on MailChimp that will automatically send out emails based on the actions taken by your customers on your website or previous email campaigns.