RMDC Digital Marketing

We are RMDC

The future of brand and consumer interaction excites us. Unending progression of technology means there’s a constant need for exploration and experimentation. Our culture lives and breathes the quest for innovation.

Our Process

  • Plan/ Design

    We will start with a concept and forecast who and how your audience will interact with you. If there isn't a concept yet, we will research, find out what works and create one that fits you.

  • Promote / Implement

    We advocate your brand and immerse ourselves deeply with your cause. We would approach your overall digital marketing strategy with the same love as we would our own.

  • Enhance

    Never go stale. Enhancements should be a continuing procedure as new information is supplemented, new products or service listings added, functionalities built in and technology upgraded.


Our Story

Started by a man with a promising insight, then progressed to a 2-person-project that anchors on the vision of making brands professionally represented and reach its public online. Like all great ideas, that venture evolved, developed a structured process then exploded into a creative digital agency that is RMDC.

We are lucky enough to meet visionaries who share the same passion. We use teamwork to our advantage to reach your audience and tell your story compellingly.

Thus, Your Brand, Defined.