Hit The Target: How to Create Tailor-Made Content on You Social Media Campaigns

Social media allows you to interact with customers in practical and various ways because technology pave the way for businesses and advertisers to graduate from traditional forms of marketing campaigns such as print and TV advertisements.


One of the main reasons why businesses turn to social media is that it allows organic and meaningful two-way communication to happen between a business and its target audience. Your business can work on  your strategies, techniques, and tactics on creating a content will serve a great deal to your target audience. This is where personalizing your social media marketing campaign comes in the picture.



Below are 5 ways on how you can personalize your social media marketing campaign:


Communicate with your local audience


One of the first things small businesses should keep in-mind is that they have to capitalize on the resources most available to them. They should consider their core customer care to be local. Most of the time, people will support and promote local businesses that doesn’t require them to get out of their homes and travel far.

You can easily create campaigns that can engage your local audience. These can be in the form of digital coupons that can be redeemed on your physical store, or exclusive digital deals that prioritize local shipping.

Assuming you have already determined your target audience, you can now use social media tools to send your messages directly to your client. Advertise the products and services your audience will bite into.



Know and maximize your platforms


Another way to effectively personalize your social media campaign is to determine which content platforms are performing well. A way to identify this is by conducting an audience analysis.

You can use Facebook’s built-in analytics to see how your posts perform against one another. This will allow you to measure and adjust your campaigns based on your audience’s interaction with the content you publish.

For example, your audience may engage more visual content than written content. This makes Facebook and Instagram the most suitable social media platform for you. As these two platforms will allow you to post image-heavy content.



Combine your marketing campaigns


Though social media alone has proven itself to be a successful channel for digital marketing, other businesses still continue to use some traditional marketing methods. One of the problems that you may encounter in using social media alone, is that it’s not giving the numbers you expect it to provide.

The best solution is to integrate different forms of digital marketing campaigns in your strategy. Using technology, you can combine other marketing forms such as email, direct mail, and social media to promote your business online.

Combining different forms of marketing strategies will give your audience an strong, personal, and seamless experience with your website.



Put your targeted ads to good use


There is no harm in advertising your business through ads.

Platforms such as Facebook and Google Search are just some of the suitable platforms where you can publish advertisements. Tools on these platforms allow you to target your ads based on interest, demographics, and other identifiers that apply to your market.

Think of it as a step that will make your ad highly customized and will reach your target audience. This makes all your investments worth it.



Keep track of your performance


An essential element in creating a successful customized your social media marketing campaign would be keeping track of your brand’s online performance.

Well-known social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have data analytics built-in that gives users access to  view page insights and campaign performance metrics such as reach, engagement, and audience insight. You can use these to analyze your previous posts and optimize the new set of content that you plan on publishing next.

Study each social media platform you’re intending to use and what type of audience do they attract. You need to be strategic and analytical to determine the demands of your target audience to be able to have that “personal touch”to your website,




There are many different ways to personalize your social media campaign. This is why we listed our top five picks to help you focus on the important steps. We hope this article has been a big help to you in getting started in personalizing your social media marketing campaign.



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